Rate Card

February 6, 2019

RATE CARD  (Per Month) 

Ad UnitSizePlacementPrice
Leaderboard728×90Above the Fold$325.00
Rectangle300×250Above the Fold$250.00
Tower300 x 600Variable$300.00
Sticky AdCustomBottom$500.00
Pop-UpCustomBottom Left$700.00
Ad display in Content300 x 250Variable$300.00

*High Impact Mobile Pop Up Ads and in-content banner ads.

Today more and more people are viewing digital  content on mobile devices. This trend  is presenting challenges for advertisers.  Fewer and fewer ads are actually viewed because many websites were originally designed  to be displayed on traditional  desktops and these layouts often fail to deliver exposure to advertisements.    

Mystic Post is meeting this challenge with innovative designs to make sure your advertiser’s message is viewed with maximum impact.

With Mystic Post’s mobile centered audience (60 -80% of  page views are accessed via a mobile device)  your ad will be seen using our pop ad generator and in-content banner ad products.

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